Saleya GM

  1. I've been eyeing this bag for 5 months now, and I still want it!! (which is rare for me). If you have one in Ebene, I'd LOVE to see pics! (preferably modeling pics). Is there a downside to this bag at all? Thanks!
  2. I have the Damier AZUR Saleya GM, dunno if you wanna see pix for that, but for me, the downside is that the base is a lil wide. I originally bought it so that I can carry a LOT of stuff with me (and it did the job well) so it didn't really bother me, but now I don't need to carry too many books in there, so it's just sitting at home all alone lol. Other than the base, I think that's about it! Oh, I love the microfiber too :heart:

    PS: you might wanna check the visual aids thread for the Ebene colour, but from what I remember last time I checked there, I didn't see any GM ones. Most are PM or MM sizes.
  3. I have the MM and I love it. It is a perfect size for me.