Saleya GM Zipper Question

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  1. Hey! Just a quick question --

    My Saleya GM's zipper completely 'detaches' from the track of the zipper if you pull it allll the way open (kinda like a zip-up hoodie when you need to take it off instead of simply unzip it a little bit)

    Does this make sense?! LOL:P

    Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that this was normal and that I don't need to go to LV and have it repaired.

  2. NO thats not normal, its suppost to stay on track all the time!
  3. Hmm maybe I need to take it to the LV boutique then.

    Thanks so much for your help!! :smile:
  4. I'm really not sure what you mean exactly as far as the problem with your zipper, but I had a problem with the zipper on my Saleya GM and they replaced the bag for me. The manager said that it looked new (it was about 6 months old) so she just gave me a new one.
  5. sorry I don't understand... what do you mean by all the way open?

    does the zipper actually go OFF the tract? if so that's not normal

    maybe you can post a few pix :yes:
  6. Yes, she means it zipps all the way off the track.
  7. ^ it COMPLETELY detaches from the track...kinda like my hoodie analogy when you totally unzip it...the little 'slider' part comes completely off of one of the tracks (it remains attached to the other side, though)
  8. I would take it in!:tdown:
  9. I would return it, unless you dont really mind that much, and are just carefull with the zipper.:shrugs:
  10. my mm does not come apart. It stays on. I would think the gm should be the same