**Saleya GM Modeling Pics!! **

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  1. Here ya go!!

    **For reference, 5'10"**:yes:

    Also, this bag looks kinda slouchy bc it only has my agenda, cosmetics case, keys and sunglass case in it...it can hold TONS more!!
    lv bag 5.jpg lv bag 6.jpg
  2. looks good on you! I didn't realize the gm was that big.
  3. ^LOL its huge!! And that is actually my little sister...I was in my PJs so she modeled for me!! :smile:
  4. :cool: !
  5. Very nice :smile:
  6. cute!!!
  7. Great looking bag!
  8. Very nice:flowers:
  9. Wow! It is gorgeous!
  10. whoa! its HUGE! and i :nuts: LoVe :love: it! It's wonderful in the damier.
  11. Looks nice on your sister!;)

    Honestly... it's really a nice bag! Congrats! :yes:
  12. I lOve it!
  13. I love that size:love: Looks good on your sister too.
  14. it looks great on you!
  15. Lovely.