Saleya Damier Azur PM

  1. Just curious about the bag I just bought because I'm still learning, does the Saleya Damier Azur PM have any thing on the inside of the bag:confused1: I don't see a date code, LV nothing on the inside just two pockets it does say LV Paris made in france on the tab on the side of the purse. Not even a serial number, is that right? TIA
  2. I refer to the thread "Date Code Locations" for Damier Saleya PM...Don't know whether Azur Saleya PM at the same location.

    Damier Canvas

    Damier Saleya PM

    Damier Saleya PM Date Code

    Damier Saleya MM

    Damier Saleya MM Date Code
  3. I had the same question too~~ i just bought my azur saleya last friday~~ Thanks alot.. now i finally found the code...
  4. i m still struggling to find the date code on my azur saleya pm.. can any one help? :confused1::blush:
  5. use ur finger to touch around the inside of the pockets..u should be able to find it then
  6. thanks babylicious.. i w try again & again & again .. :cutesy: