saleya curiousity

  1. for those of you who own a saleya, does the LV made in tab curl upwards after a while? i see a lot of ladies here carrying the salyea with the tab having some serious curling. i'm not very familiar with the style so i was wondering if i'm seeking fakes or not. thanks!
  2. I have a Azur Saleya and yes the tab began curling not even 2 months after I purchased the bag.
  3. caley i just asked the same question yesterday on the saleya twin pics post.
    mine are doing that and i always press them down to flatten them out.

    saw another lady with PM and her tabs were so curled up (imagine eyelash curling upwards) that it looked cheap. when i got home i wanted to cut my tabs off. i wish they would have made the tabs a little heavier.
  4. thanks ladies! wow i didn't know it does that so quick. kind of turns me off a little bit :sad: