Saleya-a winter bag?

  1. This could basically go for all the damier bags; a friend told me that for her the damier bags are autumn/winter items because of the dark colours.

    Do you agree? One of the bags I am thinking about is the Saleya but as spring is (hopefully) coming soon I am wondering if it would be a bag one can carry all year round or if it looks silly in summer:confused1:
  2. i think damier is way too gorgeous to be a seasonal pattern....although i have heard people say that damier azur is more of a spring/summer thing...
  3. I'm new to damier yet I plan on using my saleya all year around.
  4. I carry my Saleya year round.
  5. The rules about handbags really have loosened up. No more need to match shoes or outfit, as long as colors are complementary. Neutrals, and I consider the dark colors of the Damier to be neutral, can be worn year round, as can white.
  6. I plan on carrying my Saleya GM year round :smile:
  7. I carry my Saleya year round. :yes:
  8. I like the Saleya like the Speedy a year round bag.
  9. I think you can carry a bag anytime you like...regardless of the season.
  10. I use my Saleya all year 'round too! I actually prefer dark colored bags all the time and don't really care for S/S paler colors, no matter the designer.
  11. yep the saleya is def. a year round bag
  12. Of course it works all year round. Last year, the Damier Speedy came out in the summer time and guess when I carried it? Lol.
    Anyway, if you want to make it a little more spring-like, just put a cute bag charm or something on it.
  13. Thank you all-I was thinking too, that it is a bag for all seasons but just wanted to know if you think the same.
    It`s a great idea to simply put on a summery bag charm, would do that, if I get the Saleya!