1. Does anyone know of any legit websites that have any MJ on sale? Not full price but on sale. Or any stores that will be having a sale soon or currently having a sale??
  2. I will ask my Mj SA when the next sale is
  3. I think NM, Saks, and Nordy's do sales about mid/end of June. That's the next wave to "clear" out Spring merchandise for the new fall stuff....
  4. Thanks Guys you are the best!! :smile:
  5. A few weeks ago, Nordstrom (at Fashion Valley Mall in SD) had a Large Red Multipocket (reduced to 300-something) and its matching wallet -- both were marked down 60% off! They had silver hardwares! This was during Bloomingdale's F&F event weekend too, so the prices would be even better with the additional 20% price match. Nordy's SA said that unsold/discontinued items get sent to Nordstrom Rack.

    Nordstrom Rack and Off Saks might have good deals on older styles/colors.
  6. Selena & all,

    I called Bill (contact number given on - 1-843-722-2515) to ask which Marc Jacobs bags are on sale (in addition to those on the website). He said that their store's discounting 10 styles in various colors (~25% off) and he's in the process of updating the site now (will be done in a few hours). He doesn't know the style names, check back ladies. =)
  7. I recall vividly the day last year when ELuxury did their MJ sale.... June 9th because I was running out door to staff my boss's retirement reception when the sale email plunked in my in-box! Had to shop before partying!!
  8. I just heard that MJ in Vegas marked some things down to 40%. But I do NOT need the temptation, so I haven't called.... Give them a call and see what they have. Ask for Kay--she's really nice!
  9. I just saw quite a few MJ bags discounted on the site - not sure if it's from the previous sale or the new sale - check it out!
  10. The Boston store's bags are 70% off. You can call the store and they will email you a PowerPoint with images and descriptions of the bags that are available.

  11. A number of those are new! Before it was just one Mia, a Banana hobo, and the Ursula patent hobo!
  12. Thanks Calling now!!!!

  13. ^^Please share what you find out!!
  14. I just checked the site, more items have been added since: Moss (green) patent tote and Cream hobo! I usually don't like hobo, but this Cream one looks nice. I have other bags waiting in-line but I'm so tempted. What to do... =)

    Ladies, would you please update us with info you find from other stores. =)

    Even with the upcoming sales in various stores, I wouldn't expect any price reduction in popular styles like Stam, Blake, Venetia. Most likely, sales will include Mia, Diana, ...