1. How often does Chanel have a sale? Or Chanel retailers in general? Everyone seems to know but me! :crybaby:
  2. I think twice a year. One in December (beginning) and the other is coming up soon (according to my Saks SA).
  3. Hi aprilvalentine...

    How soon?? Next week??? any sales in Nordstorm???:p
  4. usually dec/jan and jun/july-ish.

    also i usually get emails from about chanel sales just in the stores that are like early sales. too bad there aren't chanel boutiques in my state! :sad:

  5. I'm referring to dept stores like Saks/NM?Nordstrom...

    all chanel boutiques around the world are having sales around the same time but the above dept...sales period is different..:p
  6. Search the Chanel Forum.. There are a lot of threads in the past regarding this.