Sales: what did you score and how much did you save?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Could you all list items you bought (scarves, bags, enamels, etc.) at an Hermes sale, how much you paid, and the retail price? I want to know if it's really worth it to wait for a sale.

    Photos would be great, of course.

    Thanks so much in advance to any of you who have a moment to share.
  2. JMO, it depends if you know your taste in Hermes and won;t be carried away just by the idea of sale. I think bags and slg were 60% off. scarves 40%. I got a 40 paris bombay marron fonce fjord on the first day of the private sale (day before it opens to the public) for 2150; a mini bearn card case for 500 (I think); an orange thill for 300; and a scarf for 225?
    Pics are somewhere on the forum.
  3. 880 am I correct to assume you talk USD?
  4. It is hard not to get carried away because it's a sale -- I have to keep asking myself "do I really want/need this?" But they are fun to go to and you might run into some TPFers, which makes it more fun.
  5. If you have to spend a lot of money to get to Paris, your savings will be negligible. I was already going to Paris last year so I hit the sale. I found the savings on the GM Cashmere/silk shawls really good - by the time I got back my VAT, I got two shawls for the price of 1 in the US. Of course, the exchange rate was excellent last year - much better than this year.

    The people who really benefit from the sale are the resellers. These people grab up everything in sight, and then sell it on ebay or elsewhere for retail - a nice profit for them.
  6. OMG I have to find the pics! :nuts: Sounds like a fabulous haul.
  7. I got three things from sale couple weeks ago. Scarf was around $200. A little Vespa pouch, I think I paid around $200. And a mini post it priced down to $50. I think it would be the cheapest H item I'd ever own. LOL.

    I also considered getting a CD case which was around $400 and Be Bop marked down to a little above $200 at that sale.
  8. Yes, apologies usd! I have only been to sale in NY. :biggrin:
  9. ^^^^ When is the NY sale?
  10. I think March and Nov. off site at Metropolitan Pavillion on 18th St. Run by Soiffer Haskins (you can join metropolitan pavilion and soiffer haskins -- google them - they run sample sales - to get email updates).
  11. I went to a privite (invitation only) sample sale in Paris and bought a hat/cap off the catalk (from my fav collection ever :graucho:)

    It was something like 280 Euro (about 60% off what it became retail).

    There were no bags, no scarves and no SLG, no jewels or bangles etc. Only shoes/boots RTW (including leathers and sheepskins) hats, gloves and some odd stuff (I can't remember exactly - like weird wool/ cash scarves)

    Like others have said - it's easy to get carried away at sales plus you have to cost travel
  12. Some Paris sale prices:

    GM shawls 449, from 780 euros, 42% off
    Silkypops 420 euros, from 705, 40% off
    Shoes Select, 320 euros, from 785, 60 % off
  13. Items that have just been marked down are 40% off; if an item has been to a previous sale and not sold, the second go-around it it is 60% off. The exception to this is damaged items and they use their discretion whether to mark down 40 or 60%. Not too much silk is ever 60% off- mostly shoes, RTW, home items and baby stuff ever hangs around for a replay.
  14. Thanks for the posts! (I sort of 'lost' this thread once I'd started it). Getting revved up for the BH sale!
  15. In January I got this suede jacket at 60% off $7,200 or $7,600. Still expensive, but gorgeous and fit perfectly.

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