Sales tax???

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  1. Hey everyone
    I've been saving for a little while for my first new lv bag! I plan on buying a damier ebene neverfull mm after Christmas but my question is what is the sales tax rate? I live in Virginia if that makes a difference.
  2. What is your sales tax in your state? If you are not sure .. You can google it... It is 6.25 in mass where I live.. Good luck as enjoy your first LV purchase!!!
  3. Wiki says virginia has a sales tax of 5%.

    who knows if that is right though lol.

    Don't your receipts on every sale say how much the sales tax is?
  4. It is 5%. I bought a couple of LV items at Tyson's Galleria due to the lower rate.
  5. It's five for most things but I thought it was higher for luxury items maybe not thanks everyone!
  6. What happens to the sales tax if you're visiting a state and purchase a bag there? Do you still use their sales tax or the state you're from?
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    You pay the tax in the state that you are in. If you purchase in person and have it shipped you will be charged sales tax even if there is no LV in your state.
  8. Oh well that makes sense! Do they check your I.D. before completing the purchase to make sure you're a resident?
  9. Nope, it doesn't matter whether you are a resident of that state or not. If you make a purchase in person then you pay that state's sales tax because you are purchasing something in that state. The only time you won't pay sales tax is if you place an order online and there is no LV in your state.
  10. Or if your state doesn't have sales tax like Oregon. :biggrin: