Sales Tax...

  1. Just wondering... I'm living in Seattle and there's a Chanel in Nordstrom.

    If I get a bag from Chanel boutique in NYC, do I have to pay sales tax?

    Also, a dumb question, cos I think I know the answer, but just wish to confirm... If I get something from a Nordstrom somewhere else, do I have to pay sales tax?

  2. Nordstrom will absolutely not waive sales tax under any circumstances. I have already told my s/a about saving sales tax at Saks by ordering out of state even though there is a Saks presence in my state. (My Saks s/a will send items to me as a gift as a way to avoid tax.) She said Nordstrom cannot match that and won't send the item to you as a gift to avoid sales tax (by giving two different addresses). The most she will do for me is charge me Seattle state tax when I do charge sends versus AZ tax (which is 3% higher).

    If you order from the boutique in NYC you may not be charged sales tax unless there is a free-standing boutique in Seattle (that is not part of Nordstrom). If Seattle has a Chanel boutique you will have to pay tax.
  3. I dont know about Nordstrom, but if you ordered from SAKS in Troy MI, I'm very possitive that you WON'T have to pay for tax. I used to live in Seattle and got my CC bags shipped from saks Troy taxed free. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks Roey & Angelicious!
  5. I think you'll likely have to pay tax. To be on the safe side, I would plan on having to do so. My SA explained to me that if there is Chanel in the state you're shipping the bag to, you will be charged sales tax. If you ship to a state that does not have a Chanel boutique whatsoever, there will be no tax.

    I usually ship my bags to my ILs when possible (when I'll be there) to avoid paying tax.
  6. There is no free standing Chanel boutique in Seattle, just a Nordstrom boutique. So no sales tax then?
  7. You can definitely charge/send anything from Bergdorf's outside of New York State and not pay sales tax. I work there so I know. We do not have any other stores in the world so that's why we can do that.
  8. It is always good to call Bergdorfs first-u will pay a send fee but save the tax!:tup:
  9. You will not have to pay sales tax. The Chanel shop in Nordys is not part of the same entity as the freestanding Chanel boutiques. I order my Chanel bags from Las Vegas and pay no sales tax.:yes:

    The Portland Nordy is opening a Chanel shop. If I go to Portland and buy a bag and take it with me I pay no sales tax because Oregon has no sales tax. However, if you ship the bag to Seattle, then you must pay sales tax.
  10. Portland Saks has Chanel as well. For little items I sometimes buy from Nordstrom but for big purchases I never do.
  11. Yeah, that's good to hear. A couple of hundred bucks is quite a sum for a 2+k bag. Thanks, Clandy! :yahoo:
  12. Yeah, I prefer to shop at Saks too cos there is no Saks in WA (thus, no sales tax). But they don't carry the bag that I was looking for .... :sad:

    I'm going down to Portland Saks for the EGC event on July 26th to get my Red Expandable Tote!!
  13. Saks in NY I believe also wont' charge you sales tax even if you have one. NM i believe always charges you tax, unless you are in a state that doesnt' have tax.

    BG definately is a good place, they dont' charge sales tax on anything, purses shoes or clothes.
  14. yes you can order over the phone from saks nyc or portland and you won't be charged tax.. get in on egc and you will get a gc too.. purchases over $2000, you get $300..
  15. I'm in Atlanta where there is a Saks and a NM that carries Chanel. For the Saks EGC event, I was planning on getting a Saks card to get 10% off. Can I apply for my Saks card online on the day of the EGC and then call a Saks out of state to order my GST to get it without paying sales tax and still get the 10& off and EGC? Wow, that was a lot!