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  1. I'm falling IN LOVE with Gucci! Is there any place to buy a new gucci (from the current new season) without paying tax? is there a state that will not charge tax if you ship it there? any way around the sales tax at all? TIA!
  2. Blech tax! For this new season that just came out today I don't think you can, but eventually some of the designs come out on sites like bluefly, jomashop etc and they are usually somewhat discounted as well. Joma has no tax/free shipping. You can research the state with the lowest tax, I forget which one.. Even if you get it sent there then mail it to where you are it costs quite a bit so you might as well just have them send it to you.
  3. well technically if u live in a state that doesnt have a gucci store or access you dont have to pay tax...all u have to do is go into the gucci store and have it shipped in a state that doesnt have a gucci (like oklahoma)

  4. There is no sales tax in Oregon
  5. is that for designer goods too? like nj has no tax on clothes etc but they do on designer:sad:
  6. nj has no tax on clothing only, including designer..but designer bags are not included
  7. Buy it from a SAX from another state and you wont have to pay tax :p
  8. I just called the Saks in Portland, OR (where there is normally no sales tax) and I asked about sales tax. He said they charge the sales tax for whatever state they are shipping to. But he said there is one way around it. If you are sending it to a different address then the billing address. I would just have it sent to my work address. And that way they could claim it is a gift.

    Also if you open a Saks account you get 10% off all purchases the first day. So I will go to my local Saks and open an account and then call the Portland Saks and I will be able to save 10% plus sales tax.

    Now they just need to get the bag in stock. It is a new bag from the fall line.
  9. THANKS! so if i send it to myself at work in NY and my home is my billing address then i wont pay tax?? when is saks getting in the new Guccis?? I need one! :drool:
  10. beljwl, that's a good tip.

    AND, I can ask my husband for his credit card and send the bag as a gift to my mail box -- no tax and a gift! :graucho:
  11. Wow! Does the 10% off from opening a Saks account apply to all designers including Gucci, Dior, and LV? I want to make the most of it!! :graucho:

  12. Yes for Gucci and No for LV and I am not sure about Dior. Actually I think it good for everything except LV.

    I was told I could go into my local Saks and open my account and then call the Portland store and they would send it to me and I would still get the 1st day 10% off. They have a $13.00 flat rate shipping fee.

    I am not sure if you can get free sales tax at other out of state Saks. The reason it works for the Portland Saks is Oregon does not have sales tax normally.

    I just wish they get my bag in soon. I am very impatient.
  13. When I ordered my stuff form the SAN FRANSISCO SAX, they charged me NO sales TAX! and I billed and shipped it to myself!! she didn't even ask! all she said was that since I was out of state, its no tax! Try them if you don't want the headache! They were SUPER sweet SA's there! Its $13 3-5 bus days, and $18 2nd day!!
  14. wow, so great for you guys. in our country there is absolutely no way around tax. the selling price already includes the tax :cursing:
  15. refreshing this thread :p

    I was wondering if the Gucci in saks is like a little boutique like the LV in Saks. I'm going to Portland this weekend and I want to check out some stuff.