Sales tax question

  1. If I'm buying a purse from a store in another state and having it shipped to me, would I have to pay the store's sales tax on it? If so, is that refunded to me in the price if I return the bag? Thank you! :yes:
  2. you pay whatever tax the package is shipped to.

    so if you buy from a site that is based in NY, and you live in CA - you pay CA tax.
  3. oh boy THAT isn't good as my state is 7%...ouch. Thank you! Would this amount get refunded to me if I returned the purse?
  4. ^ i believe so. CA have 8.25% :yucky:
  5. OMG and I thought my state was bad! CA is ridiculous....thank you so much for all your help.
  6. no problem ;)
  7. I recently had this situation. I bought a bag at the Chicago Bottega Veneta. In Chicago the sales tax is 9%:sad: . Shipping to my home in NC was $15, and no sales tax was charged, because BV has no stores in NC. If NC had a BV store, and I asked them to ship it, they would have to charge me NC sales tax (7%, I think--we just moved here, so I'm not sure).

    If you return something that you paid sales tax on, I'm sure the tax would also be refunded.
  8. Here's how sales tax works for out of state shopping:

    If you order from out of state and there is no concrete building by the same name ("a presence") then you pay NO sales tax at all. If you order and there IS a building/presence in your state, you pay the sales tax rate from the state you are ordering from. This excludes online. I'm talking concrete store.

    If you return the item and did pay sales tax, then the sales tax is refunded.

    Here's an example of both situations: NM now has a store in Charlotte. When I order online I now have to pay NC sales tax. If I ordered from a STORE that was out of state, I pay that state's sales tax rate. HOWEVER, since BG does not have a store, I can order from them (online) and pay no sales tax, even though BG is NM's "baby brother."

    The most annoying situation of paying sales tax to me is with Saks. The only "presence" in NC for Saks is one tiny little Off Fifth store at a mall that's 1 1/2 hours from me. We don't even have a "REAL" Saks in the entire state, but because of that Off Fifth, I have to pay sales tax when I order online.

    Twisted: if there is sales tax applied you pay the rate in the state you are ordering from. Example: we have Nordies here in NC. I had an item shipped to me from an out of state store (not online, an actual store). I had to pay the sales tax, but from the state where the store was located, not the NC rate. If I had bought the same item from the Nordies website, then I pay the NC tax rate.

    Confusing? Yup.:confused1: