Sales tax in California?

  1. I'm going to LA in 3 weeks and wanted to know about the sales tax there. Is it 8.75%? Do they just add it onto the price quoted on eLuxury, or can you do dutyfree? Also, do they have anything where you can get your tax back?

    Any recommendations on which boutique is the best there?

    LV is quite expensive in New Zealand and is alot cheaper in the US, but would like to make comparisons before I leave.

  2. Hello

    The sales tax in Los Angeles is 8.25%.

    Yes, that is the amount that is added to the elux. price. Unfortunately there is no place to buy Duty free or get your tax back. I wish there was.

    I am sure I don't have to tell you the best place to shop is Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

    In the Los Angeles area there are 4 LV shops. Century City Mall, Beverly Center Mall and Hollywood and Highland but the biggest and best is Rodeo Drive.

    If there are any other questions please feel free to ask I have lived in Los Angeles all my life.
  3. I forgot to ask. Where are you staying? I can maybe give you suggestions on places to go and things to see while you are here.
  4. There is a duty free place at Hollywood and Highland, but I am not sure if the LV is part of it...
  5. Thanks guys, will def check out the Rodeo Drive boutique.

    Not sure where I'm staying yet, trying to find something central to everything. Only there for a week but plan to do Disneyland (2 days) and the rest will be shopping and sightseeing: Rodeo Drive, Chinese Theatre, Hollywood walk of fame etc.

    Was looking at staying at maybe the Beverly Pavilion which is a few blocks from Rodeo Drive. Not too fussed on a nice place to stay, won't be using the room much, more concerned about locality!

    Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  6. When you go to Disneyland I suggest staying in Anaheim. Otherwise, it is about an hour drive each way(on a good day). Plus, I think there are some reasonably priced hotels within walking distance. Unless you are staying at the hotel at Hollywood and Highland (can't remember the name) I would NOT suggest staying in Hollywood.
  7. Thanks for your help. Do you know approx how much it costs to get to Anaheim on public transport? I guess if we leave early in the morning it shouldn't be too bad for day trips; seems a hassle to change hotels mid way. Will look online now for places to stay outside of Hollywood :smile:
  8. M'laden I just sent you a PM
  9. beljwl, im gonna b staying somewhere near pasadena.. is there any places in LA that i should visit??? :smile:
  10. Yes, there are lots of great places in LA to visit. Very close to where you are staying is Old Town Pasadena is a very nice place to walk around. Also have you ever been to LA before? Will you have a car? How long will you be here?

    Here are just a few things I recommend:

    Universal Studios
    Beverly Hills - and other shopping close by
    Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach
    Newport Beach
    You can always try to get into a TV show taping.
  11. it is easy to get to/around LA downtown by bus from where i will b staying ? My friend has a car but she also has things to do (such as school, work ...) So I was wondering in the meantime when shes off somewhere, I can just shop around ..
    Is there any tjmaxx nearby?
    I never been to LA before and I am only going staying for a week : )
    LA fashion district, is this a good place to go? or it's just a waste of time?

    Which outlets are worth to visit ?
    Is there any good boutique stores worth going to?

    I have so many questions .. :wtf::sweatdrop:


  12. Okay here goes.

    Our public transit SUCKS!!!!!!! Without a car it is not that easy to get around. It can be done but it just takes time. I have never taken our subway. And I have not taken the bus since I was 16 and that was MANY years ago. So I can't be much help on that subject.

    Being Downtown is a little better to get around via public transportation then some other places. One bit of advice I would not recommend walking around downtown at night. It is not once of the safest areas. I am sure you will be able to tell once you get here. Where are you staying Downtown?

    At first, I was going to say don't bother with the fashion district. The few times I have been there it reminds me more of a swap-meet then anything else but since you will be so close you might as well check it out. Be careful a lot of fake stuff is sold downtown. But you will know when you see it.

    TJMaxx, Yes we have them but I just did a store search to see where they are located and none of them are in that great of areas and the few times I have been there I have never bought anything. But along the same line we have 2 really nice Marshall's One in West Los Angeles and there is a new one right across the street from the Beverly Center Mall. Which is worth going to. There are some very nice stores in the Beverly Center. Like LV:yahoo:

    Other places to shop: Beverly Hills is a must. Rodeo Drive is always amazing. Even if you are not buying there is always window shopping. :rolleyes:Also The Grove is a great place to go shopping. It is right next door to CBS.

    Outlets we have a few but they are all a pretty far drive. At least an hour if not more each way. We have Camarillo & also Cabazon. You can always do a Yahoo search to see what stores are there. Going to the Outlet is a full day thing.

    Santa Monica Beach and the Venice boardwalk is also a must.

    You can always send me a PM and I can give you more advice if you need it.