Sales Tax From BalNY?

  1. Ok, so yesterday I just got my lovely Aquamarine First from BalNY (side note the color is amazing). Anyways, I was under the impression that if you did not live in NY and ordered over the phone that they would not charge you the sales tax. Did they make a mistake or did I get incorrect information somewhere? I’m not trying to cheap I just think the extra $87.00 in tax would be better spend going toward an anthracite city or something….
  2. I believe they charge tax in NY and NJ only.
  3. please pics!! sorry i don't know anything about the taxes:shrugs:
  4. Yup -- they have to charge tax for NY and NJ because their store is in NY but they have their warehouse in NJ.

    I, too, was disappointed by this, because I had lined up a NJ friend to ship to!
  5. Darn it! I thought I was getting away with something! Thanks for the info...

    PS-I will post pix once I figure how's very pretty though :smile:
  6. I totally should set up a business that takes in packages to avoid getting sales tax.
  7. OH darn, Silverfire, that stinks! You might have to move. lol