Sales tax for Washington State

  1. Can someone tell me if the sale tax rate for Washington State is 7%?

  2. It's actually 8.8%
  3. Wow! That's high!

    I guess I'll be charged that amount for a purchase I just made over the phone...yeesh!

  4. Yeah, it's high...but we don't have any state income tax so we just have to file our federal returns.
  5. It varies from county to county, but for the most part it's about 8%. And yes, we don't pay State Income Tax so they get us in other ways! I don't think you should be charged for tax if you are shipping something outside the State though??
  6. ^^ good points, Roo!!
  7. I just got a Barney's order from Boston and they charged me 7.8 %(skagit county). Does your order come from a store that also exists in WA?
  8. I think it's odd that you'd be charged tax if you're ordering outside of the state. My site is currently set up to only charge Washington residents tax. But some larger companies are starting to charge tax no matter where you order from.