Sales tax for sending H to CT – still zero?

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  1. I did a search and found threads from last year that mentioned that Connecticut does not charge sales tax on Hermes items shipped from out of state, because there are no corporate H boutiques in CT? Is that still true? I'm trying to see if I could save some money by shipping to CT. Thanks all! :flowers:
  2. As far as I know, this is still the case.
  3. But do be careful--At tax time, Connecticut does expect you to declare and pay retroactive sales tax on items obtained tax-free from out of state, and it is possible to be audited and fined if you fail to comply. . . . They get you in the end!
  4. my understanding is that it's still true since no H stores!
  5. Hmmm... I am actually not from the US. But let's say I get H boutique to send a package to me, care-of a company address in CT, then it doesn't count, does it? The company would not get into trouble? I don't ever intend to work in the US or live there, although I visit a lot.
  6. I'm so sorry, I don't know what the state's policy would be in that case. My guess is there wouldn't be a problem, but I'm sure there's someone out in tPF-land who will know for sure . . . . Anybody?
  7. yes, still no tax to CT. just shipped my bag there last week.
  8. Thanks so much for your responses! Looks like shipping to CT it is!
  9. CT is the way to go on the East Coast since the only H stores are franchises.
  10. awbrat, what's the color of your birkin in your avatar? thx.
  11. I have my large purchases sent to CT....never been taxed. LOVE CT just for that very reason alone!!
  12. I would have to assume that you have friends in CT to send to. Does anyone know if H boutiques can ship to a FedEx location in CT and I go collect it? Trouble with CT is the only place we know is the DH's head office, and he doesn't really want to go in and meet the big boss, which he has avoided so far. Alternatively, we can stay at a hotel in CT and get H to ship there, but we're afraid it might get stolen before we even get it.
  13. I am pretty sure Hermes won't ship to a Hotel or Fedex location, but please check with Hermes again. Last time I checked with Hermes for shipping policy was years ago when I first started to ship Hermes stuffs.I remember they said Hermes prefer Amex over other credit cards by far, and shipping & billing address should be matched or something like that.

    But if your store knows you well, they would do your favors in general unless something is really really really against their know what I mean..???:smile:
  14. Apart from fax/phone orders from FSH, I have not encountered H ever insisting on Amex. I have bought several items in the past from different US stores, shipped to my own country, but this will be the most expensive purchase, and since I will be in the US soon, it is worth shipping to CT for the tax savings. They have already charged my card for the item, just waiting to charge shipping, depending on delivery address.

    But thanks for alerting me with regards to shipping locations. I will definitely check with them, but seeing as I have 2 months before I visit the US, I am sure we will sort things out by then.

    Thanks again, everyone! :tup: