Sales Tax for buying out of state?

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  1. I am looking for an LV Shelton and the LV in Bal Harbor has one, but I am in California, if I buy a bag out of state, do I have to pay California tax or do I pay Florida tax?

  2. The tax in your state :biggrin:
  3. If the company does not have a business location in your state, then you don't pay sales tax. However, there are LV boutiques in CA, so you'll definitely pay CA tax.
  4. You know this is interesting because I've ordered from a LV boutique out-of-state (New York) and when they sent it to me I didn't get charged CA or NY state tax. I don't know if it's just the boutique or the SA I dealt with but heck, I saved a lot!

    The shipping is $10 for ground though.

    Usually it'll be the tax for the state you're living in.
  5. Doesn't eLuxury charge tax too? Sales tax is charged based on where you order/buy from. I wish there was an LV store in DE. I am right by the border of both NJ and PA.
  6. one of the SA's that I spoke with from an out-of-state store (and knew it) was using the "no sales tax" appeal to try reeling me in for the buy with her!
  7. You pay tax based on where you take delivery.
    I live in a no-sales-tax state. The LV store closest to me is Boston. If I go to Boston and take the bag with me I pay Mass. sales tax. If I pick it out and have it shipped to my home there is no tax. I have called and ordered LV items from the store. I just give them my credit card info and they ship it. I have to pay for shipping cost but not tax. Same as if I buy from Eluxury - no tax because of where I live. It's the same with anything you buy. I am considering buying a car in Mass. they told me I don't have to pay tax if they bring the car to my house, rather than me picking it up as the dealership across the border.