Sales Tax at Short Hills, NJ

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  1. I'm getting confusing answers from the Internet on whether there's sales tax in Short Hills, NJ. I want to go there and buy a Chanel bag, so sales tax will definitely make a difference.
  2. I live in New York so my knowledge of New Jersey's specifics with sales tax is kind of limited, but I believe that they do have tax over a certain price point (like $250 or so).
  3. there is NO tax on clothing and shoes in NJ...u will pay tax on handbags though
  4. what's the tax rate? i think certain parts of Jersey has that urban development break. does that include Short Hills?
  5. The tax rate I believe is 7% on handbags...the only areas I know that have the tax break with a mall present is Elizabeth. The Jersey Gardens Outlet mall has the lower tax rate of 3%.
  6. Haha that would be nice :biggrin:.... alas harm0ni said its 7% on handbags at that mall. Short Hills is not in an urban redevelopment area.
  7. Yes the sales tax is 7% but clothing and shoes are excluded.
  8. The sales tax in NJ is 7%. Clothing and shoes are excluded from this, no matter the price. The urban enterprise zones offer 3.5% sales tax. Short hills area of NJ is not an urban enterprise zone.