Sales Sales Sales!!!!!

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  1. :yahoo: :jammin:

    Sales at Brown's- Chloe paddys, Fendi spy and Fendi B bags

    Here is the direct link (must scroll down)

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    Loving the chloe front pocket but just bought the last honey coloured fendi b bag:jammin: :wlae:
    PS: Sorry about the title got a bit excited.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. hi: anyone knows if they are authenic company?

  3. yes, Browns and Browns 'focus' are two of the best boutique's in London
  4. Thanks. I just bought a Spy.
  5. It really isn't that much of a sale, I thnik. The prices are in Pound Sterling with a conversion rate of almost 1:2. Example: Chloe Pocket Front Paddington Bag is 505.00 Pounds. In dollars that $996.543. I'm not sure how much the bag goes for here but definitely be aware of the conversion rates before we get ahead of ourselves!
  6. For the UK it is
  7. i was about to buy everything ... then i realized it was in pounds, not $. lol
  8. Hi there, which country and state is Brown in that is having a sale? I would like yo check their sale out. Thanks
  9. Hi fellow members, I am from Australia and I would like to buy a bag from the Browns website (Please enable your cookies ). But it is rather expensive for me and is wondering if anyone can help me out and verify that Brown do sell authentic Fendi and have anyone shopped on their online store before. I have been looking all over for that bag and am desperate to get it asap. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.:heart: :winkiss:
  10. Browns UK is definitely authentic. They're a famous high-end designer boutique with branches across the UK (and I believe also Ireland).
  11. wow great deal on the fendi b-bags! Too bad that spy is pleated - i wish the regular spys would go on sale
  12. Yeah Browns is up there with selfridges and harrods in the UK. It is probably an equivalent of Barneys maybe?

  13. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated...:heart: