Sales Reveal

  1. WOW gorgeous... love both..
  2. Another one
  3. I know - Johnny says he has organised the place, but unfortunately we now don't have enough money for the taxi fare - He is going to pump the tyres up on his bicycle and give me a 'croggy' on the cross-bar!
    Hope I can keep the bags hidden in my habit all the way there.....:shame:
  4. Ermm....... yes - 'fraid so!
  5. Such a beauty! Red onion is a gorgeous colour, a die for!
  6. lol you sound like me ;)
  7. Well done Guns, I try to stick to that principle of one bag in each style but fail miserably
  8. One bag in each style certainly doesnt work for me ha
  9. Am trying really hard here, Smally, but think my giggling may turn into piggy snorting any minute now......:roflmfao::lolots:
  10. Wow Wow Wow:tup:
    What another lovely bag!!!!!!!!!!
  11. and finally.......well for today anyway :devil:
  12. Oh wow!! Such gorgeous bags!! Congrats!
  13. Wheres this other bag then ?
  14. 2 gorgeous bags!
  15. Just caught the end of this thread, I totally missed out! Love the two SBS you got there! I think somebody needs to take the credit card away from you :yes: