Sales or Stores to visit in Boston

  1. Hi!

    I'll be on my way to Boston the weekend before July 4th. I'll be coming from Canada btw.

    Any sales or stores I should visit? I'm hoping to buy some bags, clothes, and lots of shoes.. :yahoo:
  2. Hey! actually i live in Boston and i would be more than happy to offer a few suggestions for hand bags and accessories i love Luna Boston its located right on Newbury St. the mecca for shopping in Boston!! Louis Boston, Stil's and Jasmine Sola are also great for all attire!
  3. what style or stores do you most often shop at? that might give me a better sense of where to direct you!

    no matter what you like, you can't miss Filene's Basement - but do not go to the Newbury St one - go instead to the big, crazy, crowded, famous one at Downtown Crossing. They are the only filene's basement that i know of with the automatic markdown program - the longer the merch has been there, the more the discount (25, 50, 75, 90% off). i've gotten some incredible things there (manolo calfskin boots, a M by MJ jacket, rebecca taylor winter coat, Roland Mouret evening gown...) for insanely low prices but it's hit or miss in general. only a place to linger if you like to dig and the thrill of the hunt. not good for men or handbags though...
  4. On Newbury St, i also vote for Louis Boston [[SIZE=-1]][/SIZE], Stel's [[SIZE=-1]][/SIZE] and Stil []. Stil is having a great 30% off sale now for summer stuff.

    In the South End, on Tremont St, definitely check out Turtle [[SIZE=-1]] for really cool emerging designers. I also really like strolling around the South End Open Market [] - open only Sundays for funky jewelry.

    In Cambridge, I like Nomad [[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]] - not worth a trip for just this, but it's near harvard sq if you are in that area already.
  5. Isn't the Filenes at Downtown Crossing closing for renovations soon? Definitely want to hit the Saks at the Prudential Center. They just redid their handbag department and it's awesome now. The NM at Copley Place is OK too but not as nice as Saks now.
  6. FB is not supposed to close till Aug, and actually i heard a rumor that they are going to be open for the 2 yrs of construction in a temporary space in that bookstore right on Washington st that has been out of business for a while (was it barnes & noble? it's near DSW...)
  7. I will also be in Boston during the week of July 4th! Does anyone know if stores are open on July 4th? I'm from Canada so I have no idea.... Thanks for the amazing tips!
  8. if you like outlets, wrentham outlets south of boston are great! when i hit boston, i usually make my way up and down newbury st and hit copley place and the prudential centre. i agree with shoesgalBOS - luna boston and jasmine sola are musts. amazing service at luna boston. there's also a Barney's/co-op in copley place now! there's also some nice shopping and touristy stuff around the faneuil hall / quincy market area.
  9. Shops are most definitely open on July 4 - Boston is so packed for this holiday. The Faneuil hall/Quincy market area is going to be *overrun* with people, so if heavy crowds get under your skin, you want to avoid this area. It's fun for the street performers and some cheap food in the market and it's obviously a major tourist destination, but IMO nothing very unique shopping-wise, and not worth the stress of the tourist masses.
  10. i agree. definitely hit up filene's basement! they have a huge selection of designer jeans there *heaven* and is a lot better than the filene's in new york
  11. i'll actually be staying near the outlets. i plan on stocking up on some juicy couture since they have a store there
  12. whenever i'm in the U.S., i usually go to Nordstrom or Saks. Lord & Taylor was actually not bad too. the last time i was there, they had that extra 50% discount on top of whatever discount they already had. shoes were mostly under $70!!! the bags there aren't that pretty though....
  13. Another vote for Luna Boston. The smell of leather in that store is heavenly, the staff is friendly, and it's fun to check out new designers and styles.
  14. And yet another vote for Luna Boston. I've never actually been to their store, but I've purchased online from them and had extensive e-mail dealings with one of their staff on certain bags, etc. Absolutely wonderful and friendly customer service. :yes:
  15. I must say.. the sales at the Juicy outlet in Wrentham aren't so great, its about 20% off. You could probably find better deals online, but if you are at Wrentham, definitely hit the Off 5th Saks store.. sometimes you can find great things like 7 jeans, R&R, Juicy, etc.

    Malls I'd recommend are Burlington, and Providence Place in Rhode Island if you have a car! Definitely worth stopping by at least, both have a Jasmine Sola. And Providence Place has a Nordstrom's too. I hope this helps. :tup: