Sales or Stores in Philadelphia

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I will be visiting Philadelphia briefly next week, and I'm wondering if there are any sales or stores I should be sure to visit while I'm there! Any advice? Is the Nordstrom Rack in King of Prussia any good? What about the NM and Saks at Franklin Mills? Thanks in advance!
  2. Unless you're shopping at the King of Prussia Mall, it may not be worth stopping at Nordstrom Rack, which is located behind the Mall. I usually don't have luck, and the place is a mess. At the Mall, Neiman Marcus is taking a second cut on its sale items this week, I think. The Saks Off Fifth and NM Last Call at Franklin Mills are worth visiting, but are hit or miss. Off Fifth has a large selection of bags, shoes, and other accessories, as well as denim, career wear, etc. The stores are located right next to each other. In downtown Center City, Rittenhouse Row has national chains as well as some boutiques. There's Benjamin Lovell Shoes around 18th and Walnut, which carries a lot of comfy European brands (though not high-end designer ones). If you go to that location and like what you see, ask the salespeople about the South Street store, because that location has a huge sale section year round. Old City, which is near the historical sites, is a great area for browsing through boutiques, home stores, and galleries. One of the best parts of shopping for clothing here is that there's no sales tax!

    There are tons of restaurants and cafes here, so if you're a foodie, Philly is the place to visit! I would recommend a visit to Reading Terminal Market. Have a good time!

    Here's a link to a site with some info:
  3. Thank you sooooo much!!!
  4. I was at the Burberry store on Walnut last week and they were still have their sale. I would give them a call and see when their sale is until. Also there are stores like Club Monaco, Maxstudio, Lucky Brand, Zara on Walnut. I know Zara was having a sale on some stuff last weekend.

    If you are looking for a GREAT place to eat try Alma de Cuba. It's on Walnut between 16th and 17th. It's one of Stephen Starr's restaurants and it is fabulous. Also his other restaurants POD, Buddakan and Morimoto are great.

    Franklin Mills is a decent place to go. Like Izzo said, the Neiman Marcus and Off the 5th are a hit or miss, but there are some other good stores there. There's also a Steve and Barry's in that mall which carry Sarah Jessica Parkers clothing line.
  5. I guess I should say thank you too. We've just moved in PA this week and I have no idea we're to go shopping yet. Someone mentioned that there's a Filene's Basement in the area but I forgot where exactly.
  6. I don't think there's one near Philly, but there's one 10 minutes from me in Lawrenceville, NJ. Sign up on their website because they occassionally have 20% off coupons in emails. That store usually has a decent selection of clothes. The bags are a hit or miss.
  7. I agree with what everyone said about the malls. Downtown there is a Daffy's on 17th and Chestnut. You'd be amazed at the designer deals you find there. There is also a Loehmanns on 16th and Chestnut. Boyd's on 18th or 19th and Chestnut sells Jimmy Choos and Manolos. There are also small stores that sell great things like Plage Tahiti on 17th...down the block from Daffy's. Joan Shepp on Walnut St. There is an Anthropologie store on 18th and Walnut that is a former mansion for a grande dame of Quaker society. I love that building. I hope this helps. Have fun!
  8. King of Prussia mall is very nice. Nordies rack is ok as long as you have time to look through everything.
  9. The Walnut street shopping is amazing (Broad to 17th on Walnut and Chestnut). There's Coach, Burberry, Banana, Tiffany's, Ann Taylor, etc.

    Also, be sure to check out Reading Terminal Market (13th and Arch), not for the shopping, but for the food!
  10. These are basically the ones I would mention downtown, but add Knitwit on Walnut and South Moon Under on Chestnut. In the city, you will find the best deals overall at Loehmanns, but bkbaggirl is right--don't be dissuaded by all the crap at Daffys; there are diamonds in the rough! I found a pair of Dries van Noten shoes for $150 and a Cynthia Vincent tunic for $40. Definitely a place where it pays to dig.

    Non-discount boutiques/ Rittenhouse: for shoes, Head Start. And Petunia's Folly for bags--they carry Anna Corinna, Rebecca Minkoff, and Botkier. Overall, they have the best clothes, but not the greatest sales. Next door is echochic, which has Gustto and Mike & Chris.

    For other boutiques, head to 3rd st. The best is 3rd st. habit, which carries Burning Torch, Velvet, Ya-Ya, Shih bags, etc. For interesting, funkier stuff, try Sugarcube and Vagabond, plus a new place that opened on Market just off 3rd. Tony's has good lingerie. There are some other places I stop in when I'm down that way, but I don't remember the names... one had some cute Jacqueline Jarrot bags...

    PS, if you have a car, there is a DSW in NJ about 20 minutes away.
  11. Coool, I've shopped there and never knew that. I'm a history nerd.

    There's another trendy boutique called Leehe Fai.
  12. there actually is a filene's basement but it's on sproul road in springfield, Pa
  13. The Rack is a pita if you are looking for clothes. Just racks & racks of smashed in stuff (great if you have time & patience).

    There are outlets in Reading...
  14. K of P mall is the bestest mall ever.Lots of sale goin on at NM and Nordies there.worth a day trip...SO many stores.Bloomies has great sales there too.....
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