Sales: my question

  1. I'm really excited, sales are coming! This is my first B-year, and I don't know so many things by now...I'd like to know if in stores normally B-bags go on sale or not...I'm going to do some "affairs" in sale-time, and before to go to someone else, I'd like first to visit B-shop...but I don' want to hope, want to be sure to go proudly and ask for my saled B-bag!!!:yahoo:
    Thanks (Sorry you didn't understand a word...:wlae:)
  2. moto styled bags don't go on sale. but the other styles do.
  3. Uhm...that makes it hard to decide...First or...?Thanks, I'll go there and see what happens...
    But one more they go on sale on on-line stores or not??(I mean...diabro...:drool:)
  4. :yes: Diabro just does special offers sometimes, on a particular bag.
    Aloharag goes on sale.
    But I also believe that if you go to a boutique selling several brands (including Balenciaga) it is possible to find something "moto" on sale. I'll try myself ;)
    If you live in Milan, try to have a look to Bal. store to try the bags on and decide which one you like the most. Also ask what is going to be on sale.
    Good luck!
  5. Thanks, I know only the B-shop in Milan, I'll try to find some little not mono-branded shops, but I'll always love the Ivory First...If I had enough money, I'd buy it on Diabro,but now I'm just raising money...:okay: