Sales in Vegas, dept stores, etc?

  1. Hey guys! My parents are in Vegas right now (SO LUCKY!!! :nuts:) and I know they might go shopping later on this week!!!! My mom asked me if I knew of any sales so I thought I'd ask you knowledgable ladies!

    Do you know what stores are having sales right now? Doesn't have to be small boutiques you can only find in Vegas... but are there sales in like department stores, chains, what not?

    Also, what about Sephora? Any promotions in store right now??

    Thank you SO MUCH in advance!!! :yahoo: I'll be able to guide them and tell them where to go... and hopefully they'll bring me back a little something something! :graucho:
  2. Macys at Fashion Show Mall always have tons of good stuff on in the sale section, tell them to stop by the outlet, they have a Coach there
  3. Heeee thanks! :nuts: They did go to the outlet and brought me back a little somethin somethin :graucho::nuts: