sales in uk

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  1. did anyone get their bals in the sales heard they have almost 50% off --here in HN in uk
  2. ooh which styles and colours?
  3. i think the purse style,midafternoon and few other accessories
  4. oh im looking for a courrier
  5. are they all sold out yet? do you know their phone number?
  6. manchester is +44(0)0161 828 8888
    london +44(0) 0207235 5000
  7. thanks :p
  8. umamanikam- what did you get?
  9. i did not get any as i was not too keen on the purse style --did u call up???
  10. yeah my dad just called the london branch and they didnt answer hes also called browns of london and the same thing happened :sad:
  11. i guess when there are sales they dont bother
  12. i only saw the purse style on sale. as well as a few coin pouches in grey, white and truffle(?)