Sales in paris


ah barenia birkin!!!
Apr 29, 2006
Hello you crazy shoppers like me!!!!! I'm going to paris for work and got one day free and I heard its sales time at the moment so I'm solo excited!!! Please let me know all the good places to shop at and what should I look for? I'm absolutely crazy about Parisian fashion, doesn't have to be all the branded designers but obviously if I can get some bargain that will be great too! Will going to any department stores be a good idea? Btw I'm going to a summer resort after the trip so I need some summer clothes, any idea where I can get that? I plan to wear my most comfortable shoes on Monday and shop till I drop! I cannot wait!!! Thanks in advance :smile:))


Aug 31, 2012
I was in Paris during the summer 2010 sales. A lot of stores had signs in the windows. There are some blogs and sites online that compile a list of stores and sales. I managed to get some good deals at the Longchamp store and my friend got some scarves at a steal at the Hermes secret sale. There's a lot of malls around - the Galeries Lafayette is amazing. Also, some of the brands don't do the sales, but sometimes prices are already cheaper there than the US. Good luck and have fun!


Jan 28, 2013
Hi, the sales started January 9. They continue, and get better as they go on, depending on what's left. It's a risk you take. Happy Shopping! <definitely worth it>