Sales in New York

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  1. Hi girls, on 19th April I'm going in USA (New York).
    Are there in this month sales in YSL store?
    Thank you!
  2. They have quite a few items still on sale (mostly downtowns) at the waikiki (honolulu) ysl boutique. If you find something you like they ship to the states for only $25.

  3. Hi Jen! :smile:
    Thank you!
    I would like tribute bag but I don't think to find it...:s
    Maybe I can go to the Woodbury Outlet...
  4. The outlet might be your best bet. The S/S sale won't have started yet and I believe most of the boutiques pushed their F/W sale merchandise out to the outlets a while ago. There were definitely Tributes on sale last time, so you may find one there!
  5. Thanks a lot! I let you know! I'm coming back on 28th April! :smile:
  6. Do you know the price for medium downtown? I want to get a patent one, but I can't make my mind for which color. Any coments?:hysteric:
  7. Let us know what you find! Good luck!
  8. By that time, saks and neimans/bergdorf will be on sale I would imagine, or at least be offering free gift cards with purchases. They both are right now.

    As far as the outlet, at Woodbury common, was up there a few weeks ago and they had tributes, some downtown and some muse. Mostly earthtones.

    Look on bluefly and see if you like one they have and have it sent to your hotel here in NY!!

  9. Hi! In Woodbury, how much did Tribute and Muse cost?
    Do you recall it?
    Thanks a lot!
  10. Sorry, don't exactly remember, but I THINK I heard a girl tell her guy she wanted the tan one, and it 897 or somthing like that. There were also rafia ones for 697 I considered!! I didn't look at the tributes, so not sure about that one. There is ONE white patent tribute left on for 697 though.
  11. WOW! :drool:
    I hope to find something :smile:
    Thank you so much!