Sales in Chicago this weekend?

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm taking a trip to Chicago this weekend and looking for some great deals! Can anyone recommend any stores with fabulous sales? I'll be hitting the Neiman Marcus sale for sure.... Also, does anyone know where I can get a good deal on a Mackage coat in Chicago besides NM, Bloomies, etc? Thanks! Oh and one last thing - does anyone shop at the Brown Elephant? Good or waste of time?!?
  2. i would not spend the time to go to the brown elephant unless you are going to be in that neighborhood anyway. lots of good shopping downtown and on oak street--ultimo on oak street has an additional 20% off thru feb 3 on all sale merchandise and still a good selection

    enjoy your trip!
  3. If you go to Neimans, go to Saks. Its accross the street - the sales are better and staff is nicer. I found the merchandise kind of torn up and all sales are final at NM. Dont forget Barneys, which is about 3 blocks northwest of Saks. Great sales. Anthropologie is near there too.
  4. please help keep this forum for DEALS AND STEALS you have found. for personal requests, try the travel forum. thanks!