Sales in BV outlets?

  1. Hi ladies, any sales in BV outlets after Thanksgiving? planning to get some bracelets and phone strap.
  2. The BV outlets in Jakarta will have their sale in December...haven't got a clue on the exact dates, though....but it's coming!! :graucho:
  3. I just got back from woodbury in NY. I went at night because the crowds dispersed by then. There weren't many people around but apparently there were insane amounts of people earlier in the day - lots of news reports about this. I of course spent a lot of time in Bottega and ended up with a purple python wallet and a pair of pumps. I wanted more purple python items (like the coin pouch that uclaboi bought his Mom and a makeup bag) but my SO and friend talked me out of it because of the delicate nature of the skin. I wish I had gone earlier because half the shoes were cleaned out. I definitely would have bought more pumps if they had my size left. They had the multicolored thong sandals for anyone interested, as well as a few random large sizes for the pompei sandals. They have the maryjanes on NAP in some random large sizes in a few colors.

    My friend bought an ebano lage tote (similar in style to roma but no clasp and some floral designs on the corners) and a pair of pumps. I was excited for her since it's her first BV bag. She's officially addicted to BV. :yes: The sale is terrific 30% off handbags and accessories and 50% off shoes and RTW. It is going on through Sunday so visit Woodbury or the outlet in CA if you can.

    On a side note I bought a casual coat from Sportmax (Maxmara) and am contemplating roundtoe brown suede knee high wedge boots from Pucci. I will take some photos next weekend! :yahoo:

    P.S. does anyone know how to take care of python and where I can buy python conditioner? :confused1:
  4. Mystiletto, when I got my python Chloe Silverado, the SA told me not to do anything special at all to it. If I was planning to take it out in the rain (which she recommended against) to spray it with something for that purpose. I have worn it in the rain with no protectant (though not a heavy rain) and it's fine. Given that the piece you bought will be in your purse, I think it should be pretty safe. You might want to put it in a zip compartment if possible to minimize wear of the scales, if they're large and might be prone to damage.

    When I bought my python BV wallet, they didn't say anything about using a conditioner or other protectant.