Sales in Amsterdam

  1. Hi, Ladies,

    For the ones living in / visiting the country, the sales at Paul Warmer are on (YSL, Etro & others). Next Thursday they start with Tod's and on Saturday they'll start with Gucci (including bags).

    Also Maison de Bonneterie have some Ferragamo, Sergio Rossi and Marc Jacobs (among others) but not a great variety, though.

    Hope this helps!!! :biggrin:
  2. Oh how I miss Paul Warmer Sales...good luck Cece!! Show us what goodies you've got from PW.
  3. Hi, KK, thanks for your message!!! I'm probably going tomorrow to check the Tod's sale but I'm impatiently waiting for the Gucci one on Saturday!!! ;) I'll make sure to post pics if I get a good bargain!!
  4. I went into Paul Warmers and it was a madhouse. I had to leave. Will check out there store here in The Hague though - love their shoes!

    Ooooh, Tod's sale? Dang, i'm too far away. Gucci? Same.
  5. Good luck tomorrow at Gucci, go early, I am serious, go before it's opened. People start lining up before it's opened on the first day of public sale. I don't really like lining up, so I just went back in the afternoon last time I was there, of course the goodies were all gone (such as shoes sizes).

    Oh I am soooo excited for you, Cece. Cal, try to make your way to A'dam during sales, weekday afternoons are normally better at PW. I found the Den Haag PW store not as nice as the one in the Dam. Good luck ladies.
  6. Hi, girls!!! I went to Paul Warmer really early today and could score a huge Gucci tote and the sandals with the same print :love: and a pair of white Tod's loafers that I didn't need but were so comfy!!! :shame:
    I went to LV and bought a credit card holder (unfortunately, has to be mono because they don't make it in damier :hrmm:) and tried the keepall 55... it's a beauty, next month I'm gonna buy it :love: and probably put a SO for the Pegase porte documents (they are trying to find out whether it's possible to make it in Damier....). I was quite surprised how quiet it was... my SA told me that they are not allowed to sell bags to Chinese people anymore... so all the Chinese were waiting on line outside Gucci :roflmfao: Obviously, I couldn't care less to wait so I went home...
  7. Tod's shop began today the sale (got an email on Thursday but forgot to post, sorry!!!!) at the PC Hoofdstraat.
  8. Funny the SA in LV told me the same thing they weren't allowed to sell the new Damier speedy to non-locals. I asked to see the bag and she handed it to me and said that they couldn't sell it to me - finally someone who doesn't mistake me for a Brit!!! Once I said I lived here she said I could have it, but i was just looking!

    Also, I went into Maison Debonneterie in The Hague and they had loads of beautiful Bally shoes and D & G on sale too. They also have the MJ Mouse shoe (black with slingback) - not on sale, but in stock. The Rode Loper has all of their Shoes and most of their Prada bags about 30% off. Dang husband keep hovering around so it looks like a trip in next week is in order. BTW - Looks like Massimo Dutti is closingm- all stock is 30% (SA told me). I'm probably the only pf'er here in The Hague but just want to spread the word.

    KK - can't get back into Amsterdam unfortunately :sad:
  9. Cal, thanks for the tips!!! I'm gonna try to go to The Hague to shop at Massimo Dutti (I always goes to their shops in Spain because I didn't know they were in NL too :shame: ).
    I will definitely go to Maison de Bonneterie... I was checking the stock in A'dam and the Marc Jacob shoes just dissapeared from the shop as soon as the sale began :hrmm: I thought they were sold out!!!
    I checked also Shoebaloo but they are selling so much so soon that I'm not even sure there will be anything left by the end of today :lol:

    I'll keep you updated if I manage to find anything interesting ;)