Sales going on at all YSL boutique colors and style

  1. Sales going on in YSL boutique stores! I saw a caramel O/S muse for $979 and the same color in large for $899 in the Houston, Texas location. They also have purple muse and downtowns available, but I didn't ask about their prices. Great deals if these are what you are looking for! :yahoo:
  2. Thanks for the post...this totally screwed me over because I've been wanting that purple downtown since I saw the ad with it....

    I called and the prices are 30-40% off
  3. Are Tribute shoes on sale?
  4. I just called the Costa Mesa YSL. The SA mentioned that only the purple leather downtowns are on sale (I believe $1117 is what he quoted), not the patent. I didn't ask about the other styles, though--sorry!
  5. Medium deerskin downtowns and orangey-camel colored muse on sale currently at about 30% off. That's about the only items the sa told me were noted to be part of the holiday sales. Happy handbag-hunting gals!
  6. My sa told me that the sale is actually 25% off. Deerskin downtowns with the pocket on front in navy, green or white.
  7. does Las Vegas have a store?, if so then I want to check it out this weekend but I want shoes, so hopefully I find a pair
  8. Sorry guys, I meant deerskin downtown without the pocket. Lots of luck!
  9. Thought I'd help everyone out with a list of the presale handbags at the YSL boutiques (since I had to call a lot of them to find the one I wanted). The sale is somewhere between 25% and 40%.

    Deerskin (without pocket in front) - navy, lt brown, white, green
    Buffalo (with pocket) - caramel/rust brown color, purple

    Gray Flannel


    All overseas other than black patent (not sure if this is true)

    No rive gauches from what I could tell, but if anyone hears of a rive gauche going on sale, please let me know!!!!
  10. will the patent go down?

    i want a large must in black leather or patent...but i may have to break down and get one at full price. it's such a gorgeous bag, and i, for whatever insane reason, bought the white in may 2006, during the craze. i totally should have gone for black.
  11. Thanks for sharing
  12. I just spoke to Michael at the Houston store and he is great and superhelpful...will also send pics if you need them!
  13. Is they sale still going on?
  14. Yes, the sale actually starts tomorrow in the stores. The presale began the week of Thanksgiving.
  15. hi - did you mean 'without the pocket' or 'with the pocket'? I'm dying to get navy and green but was told the deerskins were the ones without the pockets???