Sales galore!

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  1. Now the sale is definitely over for me - but oh so many treats I got :biggrin:

    I had called my Mulberry boutique to hear if they could perhaps exchange the purple bayswater pumps I got in the internet sale that were too small - unfortunately they do not carry half sizes so they couldn't take them. But the very kind SA just had to tell me that they actually had 50% off all shoes ... and they had a pair of magenta patent pumps in my size! So of course I had to go to Mulberry to taker a closer look, and as expected it was love at first sight :nuts: and they had a pair of nude patents that went home with me as well *sigh*

    DH was with me and since cufflinks were also 50% off he just had to check out their stock - and guess what, he got himself 4 pairs (talk about not being able to control yourself :graucho:).

    Tomorrow, when DH is out of the house, I will take pics of the entire loot - including the black cracked Bays clutch I got at the airport ...

    Now all I need to do is to decide whether to return the pumps and get a refund or get them exchanged - it's a LOT of postage to get them in the right size. I do love the colour though ... Well, if I wait too long the problem might solve itself as they might be out of stock in my size!
  2. Wow, what a great day! Can't wait to see your lovely lot! Did you have to go up a size in the shoes?
  3. Thank you Charliefarlie :biggrin: it sure has been a great day!

    I usually use size 39 in shoes so I got a size 38,5 from the website - the ones I got today is in 39 and they fit perfectly!
  4. Thats great to know, thank you! I am also a 39 so will stick with that size if I manage to get any!
  5. Okay - here are the pics of my lot :biggrin:

    First Bays clutch in black metallic cracked leather - so stunning!

    And then the oak printed agenda I also got in the Mulberry shop in Copenhagen airport (really - I was actually ONLY going to look at agendas, but of course came out with both an agenda and the Bays clutch ... and it wasn't even on sale)

    Now the little accessories I got from the internet sale:
    The gold scorpio keyring, crimson envelope keyring and large purple makeup bag (with the envelope on top for size reference - it's huge!)
  6. Nearly done, but there are still all the shoes ... :nuts:

    Now these are the ones I ordered in the internet sale - and just now when I was taking photos I checked the size on the shoes, it says 38, not 38,5 as I ordered and it says on the box! Hope that qualifies for a return without paying extra postage to get a new pair!
    They really are gorgeous ...

    And then the two pairs that I got from the Mulberry boutique
    Magenta patent pumps and nude patent peep toes - both so beautiful!

    Phewww - that's it! I just love everything :yahoo: Oh, just remembered, camera went flat before I got to take pics of DH's cufflinks - must do that tomorrow, I think he would like it if I show off his lot too :biggrin:
  7. :woohoo:

    Gorgeous collection you have there!! :yahoo:

    Im SO tempted to get the purple make up bag!

    The shoes are so YUMMY! I wish my feet were small enough ...! :girlsigh:
  8. Oh such lovely items. I really like the shoes but I'm sure I wouldn't wear them (I don't work so tend to dress a bit casual!).
  9. Everything looks so beautiful! I love the Bays clutch, and the make up bag, oh and the shoes!

    Which is your favourite pair of shoes Black swarmer?
  10. Thank you all!

    LMM: If temptation gets you all the way with the makeup bag I know you'll love it! It is really beautiful :biggrin:

    Ali-bagpuss: You might like the new season in shoes ... my SA showed me the look book and there were lots of ballerinas and some very nice high heels for that special evening out!

    charliefarlie: I couldn't possibly say yet, the nudes and the purple go with just about everything I have - the magenta patents I think will look great with a bright top and a pair of jeans!
  11. beautiful items, you are one lucky girl :smile: