SALES for '08

  1. you girls got such good deals on your purchases. when i finally went to the store, there was nothing that i wanted. so i want to mark my calendar for next year so i don't miss out on a good sale again. when are all the GOOD sales? is it just at christmas?
  2. There should be another sale starting at the end of May/beginning of June.
  3. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i plan to get one bag next year and one wallet
  5. So of the sales don't start till June, and then they have sales from Thanksgiving-Xmas, are the bags full price the rest of the year?
  6. You might luck out and find somw MBMJ bags when they have the end of season sales.
  7. Occasionally, the stores may have "private night" or special sales (like Nordstroms anniversary sale) where the bags are around 30% to 40% off for a limited time. But, I think the best sales are after christmas and around the end of June when they go to 60% off for the final markdown. But, I recommend that you still check TPF in between sales, because TPF'ers are great at posting info about bags at the outlets and bags that have between returned. You never know what goodies you may come across! ;)
  8. if i'm not mistaken, there should be another sale at the end of january and beginning of february. that's when the new spring bags have been completely released and there is the need to get rid of older fall styles. i remember getting my striping bowler around that time for 40% off or so. i've noticed a few styles and colors that haven't been included in the recent sales, and i'm thinking (or hoping!) that they'll be included in the beginning of the year price cuts.
  9. I'm thinking that the Resort lines should be marked down sometime around Feb/March. Although some of the "standard" colors/styles won't get marked down, I think some of the Ltd Ed colors/styles made for the Resort lines will be marked down before summer.
  10. Ladies in a magical world! If we would all stick together and wait on buying handbags, the stores would be forced to reduced them to sale items, and then we just buy buy buy! But there would always be some women that cant wait!