Sales at the HK Airport - Gucci, Prada, Coach, Longchamp, Bally

  1. In case any of you will be passing through the HK International Airport, check out the sales at the designer boutiques at the departures terminal.

    Gucci has some nice bags on sale at 30% and even at 50% off - got myself a nice brown punch medium hobo in brown for only USD$552 - it was 50% off and duty free at that! :yahoo::wlae:
  2. OMG, DH will be there in 2 days, i hope he can get me something!
  3. Great deal legal2shop! Congrats. Post pics at the Gucci forum so we can see.
  4. is it inside the departures?? Awww.. Unfortunately.. I can't go inside the departure hall.. :/
  5. Unfortunately, it is inside the departure hall.
  6. lol i'm always late for the sales!
  7. Loved it when I went to HK last year. Seeing all those designer stores inside an airport. lol. I love that airport. Wish I was going to HK again. Would love to check out those sales.
  8. Silly questions...Can we buy on our way enter HK or can only buy brandnames w/dutyfree when leaving? are these brandname stores only inside the departure building? Is there a Chanel too? Also will there be sale in Nov?
  9. There is no sales tax in HK, anyways. I believe the stores are in the departure/transit halls.
  10. O how I love HK. US airports are no fun.
  11. until when is the sale?
    I'm going there at 10sept :smile:
  12. I doubt anything is left from the aforementioned sale. This thread is over 4 years old! :smile:
  13. Liszt...I'm sure someone will update you on this years sale there!

    The perils of always admonishing people to run a search is hard to tell when to start a new one or add to an ancient one!
  14. my mom had a layover in the korea airport a few weeks ago and said there was tons of givenchy 50% off. she didn't know the names though, and didn't want to get me the wrong bag =*(.