Sales at NM Last Call and Saks off Fifth!!!

  1. Ok, so i went to the NM last call and Saks off fifth today, and saw a LOT of great steals.

    Saks had TONS of sunglasses, and hangbags by Coach, Prada, Juicy, Cynthia Rowley, LAMB, and of course many more. And I'm not sure for how long, but the whole store is currently an additional 20 percent off.

    Also at NM, there were many Kooba, Adrienne V., and Cynthia Rowley bags too. There were a lot of the Kooba's that I've seen many of tpf'ers bought from Shopbop etc.

    I just bought this Cynthia Rowley Antoinette Bag, that I've had my eye on for a while now :wlae:


    Oh and they had a lot of Manolo Blahnik Shoes on sale too! I was surprised, bc it was the first time i've seen a lot of good deals at Last Call
  2. Congrats on your bag, it's so cute. BTW, which last call did you go to?
  3. Oo, do you recall the prices for any of the bags? Esp the Koobas.
  4. I went to both yesterday as well... from Last Call I snagged a Kooba Paige for about $350 & a Chanel Shearling flap for $470!!!

    From Off 5th I picked up a pair of Coach boots for $158 & a Coach Python wallet for $88!

    None of the Manolo's seemed to fit me:sad:
  5. Chanel Shearling flap for $470!!! :nuts:
  6. Yep! Acutally it was marked as $852 but it was a bit shelf worn (nothing I knew I couldn't freshen up).. I asked at the counter if it was possible that it could be discounted because of it's condition.. one lady snootily said they NEVER mark down Chanel even if it's damaged... the other sales lady said "hold on a second" walked away with it & came back saying she could mark it down to about $500... with my NM Credit Card it brought it down to about $470 & some change!!! Never hurts to ask... and nicely!!!
  7. Tinksdelite, that is an amazing deal! Do you have a picture of what the bag looks like? I'm not familiar with that Chanel bag.
  8. ^^same here...but wow...I never knew a chanel can go down to NMLC. that's crazy! I need to go check it out. good purchase!
  9. Your Cynthia Rowley Antoinette Bag is adorable.
    May I ask how much it was?
  10. I went to the NM and oFF fifth at Discover Mills in Atlanta.

    The Antoinette was $298 with 30% off. I wanted the bag in the color pictured (cognac) but they didn't have it, so i grabbed the good deal in black.
  11. ^ Franklin Mills, PA had a lot of the same deals btw :tup:
  12. I was wondering if NMLC ships items out to you? Sorry if this has been asked before. TIA!
  13. Yes they do.
  14. What is the return policy at NMLC?