Sales at Neiman Marcus

  1. I am sure when this started but Neiman Marcus has second markdown for chanel, they still have quite a few selection of cambon bags (at least when i called couple hours ago). Most of the store has only the pink left, certain store still have some beige and white. They have the camera, small tote, medium tote and probably a few other sizes. :love: :angel:
  2. so is it 40% + 30% off? by chance did you see any Chanel pink phone cases or cosmetic cases there? thanks
  3. Koala - I think 40% + 30% was Saks. If I'm not mistakened, NM is 30% and then additional 40%? or was it 30 and 30...
  4. I am not sure what was the first mark down, but the second mark down is addition 25% off the first mark down. So it is probably at least 25% + 25% off. I didn't really see any phone accessory but I went to the SF NM today and saw some jewelries on sale. And also, they have one multi pocket in white, I think it is 16xx. It was on hold by someone but the SA said that person's account has problem and it may go back on sale tomorrow. So if anyone interested hurry!! :graucho:
  5. thanks for the info.