Sales at Dillards and Macy's... how often?

  1. I've read a few threads before where people are saying they get Coach on sale from these stores... How often does this happen? I thought that Coach-carrying stores would be the same as the boutiques and not have sales except during PCE... or I could be wrong.. Does the boutiques have random sales too???

    And do these stores advertise the sales??
  2. They dont advertise the sales but macys almost always has coach bags on sale... at least mine does (NYC) they have a ton of bleeckers and gallery totes and chelseas and sig stripe stuf for 30% off
  3. We have both Dillards and Macys.

    At Dillards, they always have some bags on sale. These are usually the ones that have been in the store the longest. The sales is usually 25% off, but if bags don't sell then they sometimes go to 50% off. About every month to six weeks, Dillards has a promotion where ALL of their clearance (permenently marked down) items are reduced by another 30% just for a short time period, usually an extended weekend. That is when to get the really good buys!

    Macys also usually has a select line of Coach bags on sale 25-30% off. Sometimes, if the bags have really been there a long time, the discount will be greater. Most Macy's coupons will not apply to Coach purchases. About twice a year they send out the "Friends and Family" coupons which may be used for all Coach regular and sale priced items. The discount for F & F is either 20 or 25%, I can't remember which...

    Hope this helps.
  4. not sure how often...usually after each season though.
    i got some coach wedges and coach flip flops in august (kind of the end of summer) for more than 50% off retail price.
    and on since its kind of the end of winter, i got 2 pairs of boots n a pair of coach sneakers also more than 50% off the retail prices on friday!
  5. I would say when they are moving new inventory in and old inventory out.
  6. Dillards give huge sale on coach in new years day (extra 50% off) and then last week of January (between 23 and 31) they have another sale of extra 30% off of already reduce bags. This new year I got coach hobo original $198 for only $75 (including tax). So I thought that was the best deal.