Sales Associates

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  1. I've always wondered how much sales associates at Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc. make... anyone know?
  2. It would depend on a couple of things:

    1 The City its in.
    2 Theres usually a comission plus base pay, which can range from $10-15 hr
  3. yeah I figured that much, but I wonder... how much commission do they usually get?
  4. SAs at LV don't get any comission because it's against the company policy but they do have a pretty good basic salary for the retail branch.

  5. Really? I thought they did get commission... but I guess now I know they're not just being nice because they want more money! =P How much is the base salary for LV SAs?
  6. It think it's rare to get commission. Most people seem not to.
  7. Chanel sales associates definitely get commission. I believe Gucci does as well.
  8. Oh really ? That does nothing to explain why Gucci SAs seem to be jerks ! :wacko:
  9. actually a LOT of people do, but naturally they want to keep it secret so they can sell you extra stuff without you knowing that their enthusiasm is because it increases their salary. chanel, gucci, neimans, bergdorfs, barneys, coach and saks are all on commission, as are regular places like home depot, lowes, circuit city, and sears. i work at best buy and we make it a point to tell every customer we talk to that we are not on commission (we used to be, though, but they changed it to inspire customer loyalty).

    commission is a dirty little secret...that's why they're telling you how fierce the matching wallet would be with that bag...
  10. Dior associates get commission as well, or at least I think they do. I made a return and the store had to send me another receipt because they returned it to the wrong person, so I'm assuming its because they needed to fix the commission.

  11. The HD here doesn't offer commission, thats why when best buy came here a lot of people moved there:lol:
  12. ahhh it might vary by region then, my supervisor used to work on commission at HD.
  13. I think it does depend on region. So, it's less common so places and more in others.
  14. i bet the HD there is now commission, since it must be a while ago that people switched to best buy since we're no longer on commission, and i doubt it varies within very many companies. it really is a dirty little secret - almost anyone that sells anything expensive is on commission.
  15. - almost anyone that sells anything expensive is on commission.[/quote]

    This is very true !!! :worried: