Sales Associates who don't know "style names" how do you work around it?

  1. I feel like whenever I call NMLC or NR I am speaking a different language to the sales associate (LOL, sorry that sounds funny) but seriously!!! I'm like "buckles" "blake" "multipocket" "peacock" ---- they are like "roundish, some pockets on the sides and maybe the front" "orangey-ish" "short handled hobo" LOL!!!!!!!!

    How do you deal ?
    Are there any stores w/ really knowledgeable SA?

  2. I wonder about this as well. I would hope that the style names are on the tags, but these may not always be the case?
  3. i understand what you mean!! i have tried calling around a couple of times b/c no stores around me carry any MJ really...and i was like don't you work there...!! so i have ended up sticking with scary as that is...thithi helps out ALOT!!

    how can they work they and have NO idea what you are talking about...???
  4. SAs are the absolute worst at describing MJ bags! I've just started asking if they have MJs in stock and driving there to see which ones they are. It's so frustrating!!
  5. If you have even a slight idea as to what bags the stores have, ask yes/no questions, such as "does the bag have feet?" Also, ask for pictures! Although the sales associates may not know the bag names, I'll bet that you can figure out the styles by asking the right questions. Good luck!
  6. Yes, definitely ask them yes/no questions... It can definitely be frustrating, esp when calling the outlet stores.

    It's even more frustrating calling the dept store where the SAs get commission, and they still have no idea what you're talking about!!
  7. You would think with some of the stores, they would hire particular experts on certain brands...or require people to study up on it. It's their job, you know?
  8. I am the queen of sitting there and keeping them on the phone way longer than they want to. I try to use as many descriptors as possible, from colors, pockets, stitching, texture, length of handles etc. I've been lucky, they've got it right almost 100% of the time!
  9. Agree :yes: - the Rack is horrible about knowing the names.
  10. this drives me CRAZY i once called the marc by marc store and asked about the saddle bag and they had no idea what i was talking and i was so annoyed!!! i think if you work there you should know all the stuff before it comes out!
  11. Yeah they pretty much have no idea what you're talking about.
    The key is to actually get them to go out on the floor and actually look at the name on the tag. haha.
  12. ^ and thats like actually asking them to work!! :lol: they usually have an attitude like we interrupted their manicure or something
  13. I have had great experiences with the Nordstrom team at the Mall of America! They will search and search until they find the bag you are looking for! They found a couple of bags for me that I thought would be impossible!:yahoo:
  14. They should receive some sort of handbag training each season:yes: