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  1. Dear fellow members of the Purse Forum,

    Some of you may already know me through private messages or commenting on your threads but those of you who don't, my name is Michelle and I work at the Louis Vuitton stores in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, Australia on a rostered routine basis.

    I joined the Purse Forum after hearing nothing but great things from friends. I guess I am here to hear your Louis Vuitton experiences and fantasies.

    I am willing to advise all of you in anything you'd like to know about Louis Vuitton and our products. From in store service to the internet I assure you I can help you in anything.

    I can also do 'product checks' to see if the Louis Vuitton product you're interested in is an authentic piece. It's my pleasure and I'm here to help. I hope we can be friends :biggrin: !​
  2. Oh, this is sooooo great, I am very pleased to meet you Michelle and welcome to the forum!
  3. OMG! that is SO COOL! Welcome to the forum! :smile:
  4. aww thanks for joining! you will be an essential to many of us LV lovers! and may i say, you have an amazing job! i hope you enjoy it here :smile:
  5. Thank You so much! I am looking forward to meeting all of you! :biggrin:
  6. welcome to the forum!!!!
  7. Great to meet you Michelle!
    You have my dream job!!!
    Nice to see some fellow Aussie LV lovers:yes:!

    The girls and guys on this forum are all really nice and all that collective LV knowledge helps us make smarter purchases!

    I do have something I'm currently bidding on that I hope you might be able to take a look at, I've done my best checking whether it's real or not but I still don't feel at ease...what do you think of this cerises cles?
    cerises keychain.JPG real1.jpg real2.jpg real3.jpg
  8. Ooooh our very own LV SA!!! Welcome Michelle! :flowers:
  9. Welcome Michelle! Maybe you can tell your bosses that you need to be on the forum all day at work as you are "working" by answering LV questions.:lol:

    Do you have details on the release date of the Mirror line yet here in Aus?
  10. Thank You all of you for your kind-hearted words!

    If you have any product requests or general questions such as "lv obsessed"'s please don't hesitate to post it on this thread or send me a private message.

    I'm hear to help, Thank You for your interest in Louis Vuitton!
  11. WELCOME:biggrin: :flowers: I'm over the moon!:yahoo: Let me know when you'll be at the Sydney store so I can come and visit you:graucho:
  12. Hi Michelle!! Welcome to the Purse Forum!! I don't think we've had another LV SA!!! At least not that I know of. You will love it here as we are all seriously addicted to LV and handbags!!!! I am afraid, however, you may be besiged with questions!!!! :smile:

    I do have a question Michelle, the new LV Stamped line, I really want to get the PM brown bag. I noticed it's on the UK website already, but if you could find out any info on when the US might get this line that would be so great!!!

    Thank you and welcome!!!!
  13. Interesting....

    For the questions that have already been asked so far in this thread, are you PMing the answers to the members?
  14. Yes all my answers are usually directed straight to the immediate person. Unless they state otherwise.
  15. I also apologise if it takes awhile to get to your answers as I'm usually busy with other people's questions. I shall go as quick as I can, Thank You for your patience!
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