Sales are kicking my b#tt!

  1. I told myself I would be good this year and only pick up a few things during the holiday sales. But between coupon codes and the ridiculous markdowns, my credit card is smokin'. *hangs head in shame*

    Anyone else in the same boat? Join the thread and await the return of our self-discipline and respect together?
  2. Sales haven't started for me yet, I'm waiting for the NM sale the day after Xmas. Hope its not too brutal this year, but I would like to find some good deals.
  3. I second that! I love NM...:girlsigh:
  4. Oh I have been very bad. With the new CL styles out that I needed to start my collection. Then a dress to go with the shoes I just got. I do this from time to time, but then I chill a bit and go into my saving for vacation mode and get OCD about that. I am always on something it seems, house project, jewelry. Seems I manage to always have a carrot in front of me that I chase. It's an endless cycle is it not? I need to slow down, for sure. Lets all motivate each other. If that works, we can ban together to lose our Holiday weight!!!
  5. So far this year, my wallet has bled at:
    Not to mention a few other purchases from eBay, Bloomies, Lords, Macy's.... And that's AFTER being mindful. It's not so bad now but when the packages start arriving at the apt., I think BF might catch on. :s
  6. Get yer butts back home! Don't you guys have a neglected houseplant/hubby/child/animal who needs you???


    Wrap barbed wire around your wallets. THEN try to open them.

    On your hand, with a magic marker, write in BOLD letter: DO I NEED THIS?
  7. Unfortunately, :yes: is usually the answer.
  8. I started a promise last year 2006 to spend everything on cash only.
    I do not purchase on-line, only physical shopping... so I have to "work" for my spend.
    The way I shop, take a lot, make an extra round to "put" stuff back; kills my feet doing that but its like a self punishment for making me "lazy" to shop for the next time.

    I did much much better than I did last year on not over spending.... by only going out for shopping only when necessary. ;) But just my way to save my wallet and not getting deeper into debt.
  9. me. :push::sad:

    self-discipline is what i need.

    care to join? :s

  10. Sorry, I can't relate as I have not went out today. I generally HATE going shopping on boxing day. I'm pretty good with bargains and I know places to shop where it's boxing WEEK so I don't have to go insane on the one day where everyone and their moms' are out. Besides, I already lost my life savings in Orlando last week at the outlets. SIGH.
  11. practically lived at Holt Renfrew today... it's not like their sales are spectacular but anything for an excuse... couple SAs said as they passed me "Still here? :s"... *SIGH*
  12. I have not bought anything, except for a bottle of body wash that was 60% and less than 5 dollars in after holiday sales. I had a watch that had to be sized yesterday and I had to brave the mall b/c the jeweler by the house was closed. That place was a madhouse!

    You guys are not alone- people were buying TONS of stuff. I just can't do crowds. It makes me feel like I am going to have a panic attack and I start getting jittery lately. Saving me lots of money though!
  13. Oh my gosh. I feel so bad. I am in the same boat as you... *waiting for tomorrow- payday once again* LOL
  14. They're kicking mine too...I spent $300 in a course of 1 week... :push:

    Darn that table of sale Coach's... :biggrin: