Sales and Dust bags

  1. For those that purchased from the sale, did you bags come with dust bags? I just realize this morning that neither of mine (a small clutch & a wallet) came with their dust bags. I got them in store during pre-sales. Should I call and ask?
  2. I have never received dust bag for wallets. They usually come in its box wrapped in paper. Was the small clutch, a wristlet?
  3. yes, like emalad stated... wallets and wristlets come in a box with tissue paper. I've bought both in the past and the dustbags do not come with those purchases :smile:
  4. My wallet from this sale came in a little dust bag. The one I got at the last sale didn't.:shrugs:
  5. Oh ok, yeah i see where you would think gucci would give you a dustbag. I would have thought that too myself.. i consider it a small purse and not really a cosmetic bag.. hehe - It's very cute monogram. Classic in a guci collection =)
  6. nope i bought a wallet and keychain holder and both came in a box with tissue. I dont think they come in dust bags for the most part. Maybe some wallets do but never heard of that.
  7. Here is the dustbag that I received with my Glam wallet.
  8. ^^ wow that is interesting the glam wallet comes w a dust bag but a clutch would not.... hmmm. I bought a wallet for a friend once and it DID... funny how it differs. Maybe because the glam is a particualr fabric?? It's not leather is it? Sorry I have never held one..???

    I personally have never recieved a dust bag with a gucci purse... only box and tissue paper as discussed above. I wonder why sometimes you do, sometimes you do not?
  9. HI COCO, you said you never received a dust bag? I think thats really weird too because with most Coach bags you get a dustbag too. Were the Gucci purses you own small? And how many Gucci bags/Purses do you currently own that did not come with one?
  10. ^I think she was referring to with wallets, she had not received a dust bag.