$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

  1. Melissa Ann, is the OS Muse 60% off of 1995?
  2. My SA Penni at NM has a blk patent Muse II original retail 1995.00 marked down to 680.00. Today is last day of Last Call. Call her at 18003975293 ext 2114. :smile::smile:
  3. Wow tpfers are fast! i just called and the bag has already been sold :sad: thanks anyways nmmaven :smile:
  4. NM Orlando has a large tribute in patent croc blue left for $530, hurry, today is the last day!
  5. NM Palo Alto has a beige patent Muse and a magenta Majorelle in large for additional 50% off sales price. Someone just returned them this morning.
  6. Matchesfashion.com has several YSL bags marked down.....if you enter code PRIVATESALE08 then additional 30% will be deducted....VAT is also deducted if sent to US.....small teal blue Besace, red uptown, black Rive Gauche, and a couple of others!......a nice touch they add is FREE gift wrap, it is so nice to have it wrapped for yourself!
  7. Would anyone have the e-mail addy of the YSL outlets in Cabazon & in Woodbury? Thank you!
  8. hi ladies!! newbie here! any chance i could still score the pink/blue muse two in large? i've tried calling a few stores with no luck. appreciate any help! :smile:

    cheers :heart:
  9. Thanks, Goodmornin! I have sent him an e-mail. Any luck with the e-mail addy at Cabazon?

    Pia, why not send Woodbury's outlet an e-mail inquiring about the magenta/navy Muse II in large. Good luck!
  10. Nords in Scottsdale, AZ has a large black patent Muse II for 60% off. I'm assuming that would be around 798 or so if they're going off of the orig price.
  11. Bonni at the Saks Atl store has a sand/beige leather large Y bag, originally $2600 for $1100ish.....a MJ daydream chain strap bag originally $1195 for $477.90 and a Versace clutch for $277......these are all part of the clearance. Call her on her cell at 404-210-5490.
  12. Anyone hear anything about the 40% off given at the 57th Street store in Manhattan? They have clothes, shoes, and bags from Fall '08 on sale.
  13. The stores have been having a 50% off sale for quite some time now. Is this the sale you're referring to?