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  1. Hi michanne,

    Did you return the dark turquoise? I'm looking for a Loulou in that color.

    Please let me know
  2. B3CC9B89-6108-4B88-8708-1B91988569C5.png I am thinking of getting a grey Cabas on sale. It’s from the 2017 winter collection. Is it too outdated? Please advise. Thanks in advance. It’s available in a store.
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  3. Do you mind sharing with us what colour this is please? looks like a dark green or dark turquoise, and I was considering another bag in these colours. thanks!
  4. Oh yeah I did return last week. So sorry
  5. Does anyone know if medium colleges go on discount? Preferably, the brown/dark taupe one?
  6. Hey everyone! Just curious if Saint Laurent sale items are ever discounted at more that 30% off? Currently the sale items are 30% off and I wonder if it ever increases if items don't sell?
  7. 30% is the most I've seen the YSL site offered off. SSENSE has offered up to 40% off on some items. I saw a bag was off 30% then 40% off after 2 weeks or so.
  8. Thanks!
  9. #4254 Jun 13, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
    Does anyone know if there will be an international sale on the ysl website?

    Edit: ah it's online...
  10. Really? Don’t see it on Swedish YSL site...
  11. Yes it's not prominent. You have to click on "Shop Women" or Men and the last list entry is sale.
  12. I know! But it’s not there for Sweden...
  13. You’re right! It’s dark turquoise.
  14. Got both of these WOCs on sale! The black and gold stripe is from Barneys (50% off!) and the gold is from SAKS (over 40% off!)

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  15. Love them BOTH! If it's shiny...I WANT IT! Enjoy, they are fab.
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