$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

  1. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Early Access is now open to Nordstrom card members! Please support TPF by using this link before shopping the sale. We're also giving away eight $200 gift cards to 8 lucky TPFers during the duration of the NAS! Find out more...
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  1. I think the sale is a little bit cheaper then the presale. The loulou in deep red is $6 cheaper. I know it's not a lot but still.
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  2. Anyone seen a sac de jour in black croc or camel grained leather, which is on sale?
  3. I got the bags that I bought from the presage. I got the toy loulou and medium sunset. I will return the toy since I got the black with BHW.. the sunset, I’m still debating because it is small lol and I’m not use to small bags and because of the divider, I can only fit small stuff. I tried it, it actually fit my small envelope wallet, phone, keys and still have space. Just debating if I want to keep it for the price that I paid if I’m going to use it a lot. So we shall see.
    5C187A4D-90AB-4A57-8B01-406702D152AB.jpeg 97820CB5-6996-4BCF-82BF-F92E018428A8.jpeg
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  4. You don't like the black with the silver hardware? Love both bags btw!
  5. I got the dark turquoise from the presale (the lighting is poor sorry!) and the black with BHW at Saks. I’m keeping the black on black one and return the dark turquoise - I wish I can afford to keep both lol
  6. Oh sorry! So you didn't like the bronze hardware? I am debating b/w the bronze or silver on the same bag, hence why I'm asking. :smile:
  7. Oh I got it! I just like the black with black hardware better.
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  8. Although some says that the black hardware gets more of the wear and tear since it’s just a coated finished
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  9. Love the sunset!
  10. Anyway know if the prices would drop after a certain time period or is what I see the lowest it will be on the official website? :smile:
  11. It’s so pretty! I got my first YSL card holder for $175 in this sale.

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  12. YSL boutique and website will not go lower than what it is right now.
  13. Has anyone shopped during this private sale in Paris? Do you know what items are on sale?
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