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  1. I was able to use the code on Sak's website yesterday and got 300 off a the clutch I wanted. You're right, it wouldn't let me use it on the pre-order item (which is good bc it wouldn't have shipped until May)
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  2. Hey there, may i know which code did u use? Wanna get a med kate..
  3. It was a one day sale yesterday and the code was ilovesaks.
  4. I’m new to this brand and would love to be able to get a toy or small Lou Lou with a discount. When are the sales typically at Neimans and asks?
  5. Ssense, farfetch, my Theresa, yoox are good places you can check occasionally for sales. Ssense and my Theresa have bi annual sales and holiday sales for current items. I think the toy Lou lou retails for 1200? But I saw some on sale for 800-900 during the sales.
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  6. Thank you
  7. I bought my Muse off of Poshmark and had it authenticated here on TPF. She's authentic!! The best part is I only paid $135 for her [emoji7] 20190216_191120.jpg 20190216_191507.jpg 20190216_191558.jpg 20190216_191357.jpg
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    noooooooooooo i missed that out....i just checked today, couldn't find the exact one I want...im trying to look for a black silver medium kate bag, they've got the ones in gold. Hope I get to see one soon, I'll wait just for the discounts.
    How often does YSL actual store goes on sale online?
  9. Hi everyone, does anyone know if the tributes ever go on sale?
  10. I have no idea but I'm looking for a kate clutch via the ysl site or bergdorf's.
  11. Hi ladies, so I've encountered a bit of a dilemma. I've recently decided that for my birthday (which is not for 2 more months) I'd like to get myself a black on black medium Kate bag. I found this bag currently on Farfetch for a great price, and with an extra 10% off it would come out to be about 25% off, and on top of that I wouldn't be charged tax. This seems like a great deal and I am super tempted to just buy the bag now because there's only 1 left, but if I could get this same deal in a couple months I would much rather wait. So my question is, is this an abnormally low price for the medium Kate on Farfetch, and should I get this deal while I can? Or should I wait until May? I've also seen from reading farther back in this thread that there are huge spring sales that happen in late May, do you think it is likely I could get the same or better deal on this bag if I wait until then?
  12. If you found the exact bag that you want for a price that you're happy with you should get it. From what I've seen Farfetch usually has regular retail pricing, but every once in a while an item will come in a bit cheaper without being considered on sale. Just because it happened now doesn't mean it will happen again in two months though. The question is do you want to risk it?
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  13. I hope you got it, especially after posting about it here.
  14. I tried to buy it but my 10% off code wasn't working on the bag for some reason, even though I couldn't find anything saying it was excluded from the promotion :huh: and I'm not happy with the price without it so I'm gonna hold off until May
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