$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

  1. I think their web system has issues. When I purchased mine I thought the order didnt go through because I got no email confirmation, and there was no confirmation of it when I logged in to their system, or on shoprunners system. I had to call support, it was really weird.

    I got mine in 2 days and received it in 2 days, but I used shoprunner (which they were offering for free) so I dont know if that made a difference.
  2. I used Shop Runner. Unfortunately, I won’t get mine until estimated date of 12/3. Please post yours!
  3. Just got an email saying my order shipped and it should arrive on the 7th. (A week later than it wa supposed to but still happy since I scored a big discount). That being said I had never ordered from Saks before and in the future I rather stick to Nordstrom, their customer service has always been top notch
  4. I usually order thru Neiman’s...but I couldn’t pass up the deal. I got almost $700 off because I also used the Saks card.
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  5. If you don't mind, was the $700 in the form of a Saks gift card? Or, an actual deduction?
  6. It was $500 off and another 10% off for using the Saks card. No gift card! :smile:
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  7. Is there anybody has SA contact for YSL outlet in Cabazon? Thanks
  8. SAKS Code Jan50 works on YSL shoes
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  9. Just got these today. Some sizes are $357 and some are $417. The blue ones are also on sale.

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  10. Hello ladies, I'm new to YSL and I'm just wondering if there is ever and sales or discount codes for Canada.Thank you