$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

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  1. SA at YSL confirmed online sale starts Friday
  2. it's already live in the site.
  3. Do you mean on YSL website or Nordstrom?
  4. YSL online sale is live! privateyslfw18 is the code to get the 30% off
  5. Looking for a medium Loulou chain bag. Anyone seen it on sale or have an SA they can recommend?
  6. Hey Luxurina, ysl.com has it in khaki 30 % off Screenshot_20181122-085630~2.jpg
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  7. Omg! C an you share the link Bc when I go on the website it said find in store and doesn’t let me add to cart
  8. Hi, where do you enter the quote? :smile:
  9. Where do you enter the code sorry? Do you put it in your cart then enter the code? How can you tell what's on sale?
  10. You done need the code anymore it’s live now. But you would enter it under personal code when you go to your cart
  11. Jumping over from the LV forum. Just ordered the Lou Lou medium in black for $500 off from Saks. It’s $50 off every $200 and today only! Been drooling over this bag for so long and I can’t believe I got it for $500 off! I’m one happy girl. I’m just going to have to hide it from hubs for a bit.
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  12. I got one (the toy). from saks too last night with the same deal! Plus ****** had 14% cash back so the bag ended up being like $775.
  13. I ordered it as well, 20% off. The estimated delivery was today and the order still shows as “submitted” so it hasn’t even shipped. I found out after I placed the order that the promo code didn’t apply to most designer brands ( including YSL) so I’m freaking out hoping everything is ok with my order. I called and they said the order was under review apparently just to make sure there’s no cc fraud and that I will be getting a phone call
  14. I had the same issue from Saks! I was supposed to receive it in two days but every time I checked, it said, “submitted.” When I called they said it was under review and i’ll get a phone call. I never did get a call but two days later I finally got tracking for Monday. I ordered on 11/26.
  15. Glad you got it !!! And now I have hope too, thanks for the info
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