$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

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    I’d appreciate the name of an SA at Cabazon too! TIA
  2. PM me - I have an SA at this location!
  3. Hi Liza, can you please share your SA info with me. I pm’d you. Thanks much! :smile:
  4. I purchased the SDJ Souple in the Rose color in the outlets of Cabazon for $1,500!! I am stil trying to figure out the differenc ebetween the one I purchased and the one that is currently on the YSL website. They might be discontiuing that color.
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  5. Can you post a pic please? TIA

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  7. One difference I have seen is the placement of the lock. Some bags have it on the right and some have it on the left.
  8. The lock can be switched to either side by you. Did it come with the little black packet with the white card? That should have all the style and color details.
  9. Yes, it did come with the cards. Ill double check what the detials are.
  10. What size is yours? It's gorgeous. Now I want one lol
  11. I was just thinking of going for the first time next month! What bags do they mostly carry? You got such a steal on that SDJ
  12. The colour is so pretty! May I ask if you saw any another SDJ on sale?
  13. Luisaviaroma 15% off code 'MEL15' until Nov. 4
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  14. LVR is also having a flash sale this hour for 20% off all items
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  15. Heyy!

    Does anyone know how much is a ysl clutch At Woodbury commons?! And if they have mini loulous in the store?